Saturday, June 8, 2013

francine & nymiah sing for missy

this is a true honor.
francine & nymiah are humboldt county treasures.
they sang to missy at the women's herbal symposium
the week before she died.
missy called to tell me how amazing it was.
the song they sang to her is called
~what if~
francine emailed the song to me,
and terri, from the symposium, had her photographer, darcey, 
search for a photo of them singing to her.
{francine is wearing the black dress, nymiah has the guitar, do you see missy's smile?}
marian helped me turn the song & photo into a video.
{thank you, to everyone who had a hand in making this happen}
oh, missy, i do hope you can see and feel the beauty here.
we love you so much.
♫ when i look into your eyes
it comes as no surprise
that i'm lookin 
into myself ♪


Dawn said...

Oh Catie...this is so beautiful, and the SMILE beaming off of Missy's beautiful face while her body was so frail is a wonderful vision...xoxo

Jenny said...

My God,

I feel Missy's presence so strongly right now. Thank you, Nymiah, Francine, Catie, for this channel to Missy's spirit. I am transported. This feels like music truly being a link to the infinite.

catie said...

hi dawn & jenny.
i just keep listening to this.
it really is so amazing.

jenny, i COMPLETELY agree with you.
it's transporting, and i think she is aware of it, tapping in right alongside us. you know, this whole music idea came from the song you found. it is, for sure, healing my heart, and i hope yours, too ♥

Denise said...

What a beautiful song... And what a beautiful image of Missy beaming as she listens to the words and melody as they fill her body and spirit... Thinking of you, Catie... xo

Nymiah said...

Spirit works in such amazing ways... I had no idea when I wrote this song, so many years ago, that I would one day be singing it to Missy as she was nearing the end of her journey embodied here with us. I feel like it was always intended for her and that I have been blessed to be the vehicle for it... Missy is/was an amazing woman who has inspired me in more ways than I can count. She will be sorely missed. I send my love to her family and all who knew and loved her... Blessings on us all, dear ones... ~Nymiah

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