Thursday, February 5, 2015

missing her

yesterday was missy's birthday.

last night,
returning from a fun roadtrip to utah,
with the just-past-full moon at our backs,
i was able to share her story
and this song with some new friends.

{also here}
i love you, sweet girl.


Emily said...

I love that you keep sharing her story.

Anastasia Egorova said...

Beautiful song, Catie!

You know, I travelled to Frankfurt and then to Barcelona in January and I heard "Over the rainbow" song in both places. This made me think of you and Missy.
In Barcelona it was a lady playing violin at underground. She played so beautifully, I cried.

Just wanted to tell you that I keep you both in my mind and my heart.

catie said...

thank you, emily & anastasia.
i know that you both love missy through me. it makes a difference knowing that

anastasia! that is so amazing! i really think that missy has some very strong channeling ability with street musicians! thank you for carrying us both in your heart ♥

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