Sunday, October 30, 2011

:: it's almost time ::

and we are almost ready.

pumpkins?  check.

piles of monster fur?  check.

stripey monster horns?  check.

wings and tutus?  check.

tiara repairs?  check.

giant bag of candy?  check.

we'll see you tomorrow...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

art-paper-scissors :: falling leaves mobile

come over to
to see my new art-paper-scissors post:

here is ned making his falling leaves mobile

you can find all my art-paper-scissors lessons

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

:: two new inventions ::

industrial chic jewelry display

industrial chic purse rack / wall valet
{click here for etsy listing}
{i've had that handbag for over two years - it is from here}

coming soon...
pdf instructions to build your own
{soon, you will be able to click here for etsy listing}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tricia {she's a troll}

last night, we had company.
tricia came home with marian
and stayed overnight.
tricia lives in marian's world civilizations class
with her good friend, trevor, and the other trolls.

she enjoyed jan's mac & cheese for dinner
she played bananagrams and read books
she did a little homework
marian made her a cozy little shoe box bed
she had oranges and toast for breakfast
she caught the 7:10 bus with marian

what a treat.

with your good manners,
sparkly star bellybutton,
and ever-eager grin,
you are welcome any time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

:: soup love ::

before we headed out to the
rainy fall harvest festival yesterday,
i fired up my crockpot.

i threw in 4 things:
1. mixed beans {i soaked 4 cups the night before}
2. a brick of frozen roasted tomatoes
3. a brick of frozen roasted squash & eggplant
4. some boiling water

we came home to this
i added a little bit of this
and served it with this


Sunday, October 16, 2011

earthly delights fall harvest festival 2011

despite the deluge,
the event of the season happened today in boise:
fall harvest festival 2011
there was good food and live music
lots of cool t-shirts for sale
{please contact the farm if you would like to purchase one}
in addition to the others, 
i made 3 extra special shirts
since we live in america,
the festival would have been incomplete
without a healthy dose of competition.
and, mind you, it was pouring rain:
a sack race
a few 3-legged races
that's team casey above with the lead
then ned & marian won.
these are their prizes

there was the most adorable
cupcake walk
lemon-thyme cupcakes, yum!

those farmers throw one heck of a party.

earthly delights farm
is now accepting new members
for the 2012 season.
for more information, look here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

art-paper-scissors :: color block collage inspired by hans hofmann

head on over to
to see my new art-paper-scissors post:
here are some of hans hofmann's paintings
i selected as examples:
simplex munditis
84" x 72"
oil on canvas
santa barbara museum of art, california

60¼" x 72¼"
oil on canvas

veluti in speculum
85¼" x 73½"
oil on canvas
the metropolitan museum of art, new york

84" x 52"
oil on canvas

morning mist
40½" x 55¼"
oil on canvas

the gate
75¼" x 48½"
oil on canvas
the guggenheim museum, new york

you can find all my art-paper-scissors lessons

Monday, October 10, 2011

♥ missy's kids with michael franti ♥

michael franti was in blue lake on friday night.
he had the good sense 
to hug the sweetest kids there.
{michael with aliana & myel}

Sunday, October 9, 2011

:: fall weekend eats ::

today i made
chocolate chip scones 
vegetarian chili
buttermilk cornbread
plus lots of buttery steamed broccoli
and for lunchboxes this week, 
i made a batch of the very best
homemade granola bars

earlier this weekend, i made
a cheese ball
and banana bread

over at ciao bella,
dawn & lucy made baked apples.
don't they look amazing?
we'll be making some this week.

what did you make this weekend?

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