Tuesday, August 30, 2011

first day

 1st grade

7th grade


first day of school frezents
♥ thank you, grandma & pa ♥

Monday, August 29, 2011

earthly delights :: csa bounty :: week 14

our share this week
tiny melon
{in marian's hand}
{the tiniest one is in ned's hand}
jalapeño peppers
ground cherries
patty pan
magic garlic

Thursday, August 25, 2011

:: sink drink ::

ever since my kids were little,
they would try to drag out their bedtime routine
with a glass of ice water from the kitchen.
i would tell them to get a sink drink.
easy enough.

but now,
i have turned the sink drink into a treat
with this 

see it in action here

care to upgrade your sink drink?
find one near you here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Monday, August 22, 2011

earthly delights :: csa bounty :: week 13

our share this week
jalapeño peppers
anaheim peppers
ground cherries
yellow crookneck squash
magic garlic
green beans
thai basil
rainbow chard

p.s. have you checked out the earthly delights website?
it is full of homegrown goodness.
you might even see someone you know.

Friday, August 19, 2011

:: vote 4 lucy ::

meet lucy.
like me, many of you
are already smitten with this cutie.
{she sometimes sends me an email or two}
lucy is the daughter of my dear friend, dawn,
who writes the ever-inspiring blog, ciao bella.
their sweet family lives in seattle.
{lucy has 3 big brothers}

lucy is in the running to be a model for
the children's place
and you can help her win.

first, click here, then enter your email address.
then, click the "view gallery" button.
then, enter her entry id number: 7640
and cast your vote.

you can vote for lucy once every day,
you can share my post with everyone you know.

i love lucy!

p.s. see more of lucy starring in her very own
fashion videos here and here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

just a link because i'm sleepy

feeling a bit sleep-deprived today.
trying to keep emily comfortable.

please go here and read monday's post
it's good.

you can also check out the author's blog here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

:: wisdom ::

emily had her wisdom teeth surgery today.
it's been 8 hours, and she's feeling pretty good.
a stuffed bunny and a stuffed st. bernard
cradle her face with ice packs
{clean socks filled with ziploc bags of crushed ice}

i made a mountain of mashed potatoes.
salty, buttery goodness to go with her
sticky-sweet vanilla bean cream frappuccino.

Monday, August 15, 2011

earthly delights :: csa bounty :: week 12

our share this week
toothache plant flower buds {learn more here}
jalapeño peppers
anaheim peppers
ground cherries
magic garlic
purple potatoes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

a monday night tradition.

and we all tried these
innocent looking flower buds.
we were warned that the toothache plant
would provide a crazy 3-minute experience.
it did.
in addition to tingling, buzzing,
and lots of salivating,
there was screaming,
there was laughing,
and emily said,
"i have a fuzzy fairy in my mouth."

Friday, August 12, 2011

garage sale signs {cooler than most}

it's time to show off your
mad graffiti skills
with some
garage sale signs

1. cut a stencil from cardboard
{please be careful}
and place on top of your sign-to-be

2. spray with black spray paint

3. move stencil just a bit

4. spray with another color
{preferably leftover paint}

5. voila!  drop shadow!

6. add triangle pieces to either side
to direct the throngs of early birds to your sale.

{and yes, dianne... there will be scones}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

:: busy ::

i am gearing up for a big
garage sale
this weekend.
complete with a lemonade stand
and bake sale.

i have been combing through
every closet,
every drawer,
every box.

it's like a giant house cleanse.

Monday, August 8, 2011

earthly delights :: csa bounty :: week 11

our share this week
jalapeño pepper
antohi romanian peppers
yellow pattypan squash
☼magic garlic☼
red cabbage
a bit of broccoli
{and a few ground cherries that we had already eaten}

tonight, we made green bean tacos again.
i've been thinking about them since last week.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

:: kids workshop at home depot ::

today, ned built and painted
:: a pencil box ::

here are some pictures
from the past few months:
the morning after "the swingset incident",
he made coasters and a holder
{his eye was swollen shut ~ youch!}

 this is a little desk caddy
with a spot to charge a cell phone

he built a toolbox with my dad
then filled it with peanut brittle
and gave it to him for father's day.

although she doesn't wear an apron,
marian likes to build stuff, too.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

:: peace ::

this sweet boy
climbed into my bed last night
and fell fast asleep.
do you see his angel wing?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

today, we woke to find stormy grey skies.
these two were cozy on the back patio, 
eating toast,
sipping chai,
enjoying the storm.

even the plants appreciated a break
from the searing sun

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

:: duck update ::

here is pippa
i see her every day now.
i call her, "pippa!"
and she quacks & comes to me.
how can i tell her apart from all the other ducks?
i just can.

i still haven't seen patito in a very long time
{since st. patrick's day},
but i always keep my eyes peeled
and sometimes call for her, too.

here is rosa
she is getting ready to fly.
she pumps her wings and
sometimes gets herself off the ground
for a split second.
{still a wonky left wing, though.  let's hope it's just cosmetic.}

Monday, August 1, 2011

earthly delights :: csa bounty :: week 10

our share this week
 big green cabbage
pontiac red potatoes
yellow crookneck squash
☼magic garlic☼
rainbow chard

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
and tonight we finally tried
earthly delights farm's famous
~green bean tacos~
they are indescribably delicious
really, truly...
one of the yummiest things i have ever eaten.
you must try these.
green beans {purple, yellow, whatever color}
onion & garlic
oil {i used butter + olive oil}
salt & pepper
spicy stuff {hot peppers, cayenne, optional}
small corn tortillas
cheese, salsa, sour cream

1. steam green beans until tender {10 minutes}
2. saute onion & garlic {and hot pepper, if you choose}
3. add cumin, salt, pepper {and cayenne, if you choose}
4. add steamed green beans
5. add more salt or seasoning & allow to simmer
6. warm your tortillas 
7. fill tortillas with green bean/cumin mixture
8. top with cheese, salsa, sour cream

we've seen this recipe in our csa newsletter for years.
why did we wait this long to try these?!?!
they are our new favorite.
thank you, casey & lori, for such amazing food.

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