Wednesday, February 29, 2012

:: subtlety ::

a very subtle snowstorm
yes, our lights are still up.
every time we get a little snow,
i run outside and turn them on.

a very subtle haircut
◄before►                  ◄after►
i always say, "cut it long."
we just don't want the boy having a mullet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

a fussy guest

marian had a guest this weekend.
a very fussy guest.

her name is emma.

have you ever had a guest that
required a set of keys?
{including a panic key?}

we were fortunate in that emma's battery pack
ran out of juice on sunday.
therefore, we all got some sleep.

night-night, emma.

read more about emma

Sunday, February 26, 2012

warm & cozy sunday treasury

i hope you are having a
come enjoy it

Saturday, February 25, 2012

art-paper-scissors :: paper curls

today's craft at
is really a jumping-off point for your creativity.

discovered & invented by ned
he found the thin strips of paper that 
marian was using for a collage project
and just started curling them with a pair of scissors.
i really can't believe that it works,
or that he came up with this completely on his own.
we are cuh-rafty over here at our house.

paper curls can be used in lots of ways
and are so satisfying to make.
come see more

Friday, February 24, 2012

:: reminiscing ::

Thursday, February 23, 2012

here, kitty kitty...

it's high time we all got up to speed with
cat breading

not that i recommend or condone it,
but if you're going to bread your cat
you might need this step-by-step
{contains the warning: some cats are not breadable}

cat breading piece is at the very end {3:27}

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

just a whiff of the weekend


chocolate cake

hazelnuts & dried cherries

online reading quizzes 

sweet & spicy tea


Monday, February 20, 2012

"four score and seven years ago

our fathers brought forth on this continent,
a new nation,
conceived in liberty,
and dedicated to the proposition
that all men are created equal."

i had to memorize and recite 
lincoln's gettysburg address
when i was in high school.
{or was it junior high?  i can't remember that,
but i still have the part above committed to memory}
as much as i agonized over it at the time,
because of it, i have always felt like 
i have a special connection to abraham lincoln.
almost like he and i are friends.
it inspired me to learn more about him.
perhaps that was the point.
what a great man.
this knitted cowl is from an etsy seller in italy
i applaud her presidents' day enthusiasm.

extra credit:
do YOU know how many four score and seven is?
{yet another bonus to memorizing the gettysburg address}

Saturday, February 18, 2012

february 18th

this little baby

is 18 years old today

happy birthday, emily grace.
i love you to the moon & back, nine times.

art-paper-scissors :: tiny stamped notecards

make something super cute
out of boring office supplies
look how adorable!
what are you waiting for?
get going
right here

and you can find my step-by-step photos
to make a tiny envelope

Friday, February 17, 2012

:: treasury times two ::

{dedicated to my friend, emily, on her birthday}
come see it

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:: verdigris ::
come see it

Thursday, February 16, 2012

deer-friendly antlers

i've been researching wall-mounted antler options.
the kind that don't involve any animal cruelty.
you know, 
deer-friendly antlers.

a few options to consider:













which antlers are your favorite?
which are you least favorite?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

beecher's "world's best" mac and cheese

a couple months ago,
i saw this in a holiday gift guide
{best of beecher's handmade cheese}

i followed the link to beecher's,
where i found this
{world's best mac and cheese kit}
{and, may i just say that i adore the idea of a gourmet dinner "kit"}

and after a quick search,
i found the cookbook at my library.

i have made this recipe twice, and,
while our family will always love
this recipe from beecher's is crazy-good.
you really must give this one a go.
{click on the images for a readable close-up}
as usual, i didn't follow the recipe to the letter.
my first recipe deviance was to quantity:
i used a full pound of penne 
{the recipe calls for only 6 oz},
and used the whole batch of sauce
{the recipe calls for 2 cups, or half a batch}.
{they recommend this as a side dish - um, not at my house}
my second recipe deviance was to ingredients:
i didn't have chipotle chili powder,
so i used a combination of
regular chili powder + cayenne,
which worked out deliciously.
my third recipe deviance was to the method:
since i was using the entire batch of sauce,
i just added the cooked pasta to my saucepan
{it's le creuset, so it's oven safe}.

the recipe calls for some "semihard" cheese
and some "semisoft" cheese
there is a list of cheese categories on page 23.
my semihard choices were:
cheddar, gouda, and gruyere.
my semisoft choices were:
jack and fontina.
after using this combination, i would say that
my results were good enough to repeat.

amazingly good.

p.s. we woke to this

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