Sunday, March 20, 2016

homemade nail oil

i am ditching nail polish.
i have come up with something better.

my nails have always been weak.
prone to splitting, peeling, and breaking.
a {toxic} strengthening polish
wasn't really making my nails more resilient,
just coating them in a strong layer of synthetics.
i am no longer willing to absorb those toxins
through my nail beds.

after some research & experimenting,
i'm ready to share
my homemade nourishing oil blend
that is actually making my nails stronger.

= nail oil recipe =

in an empty 5mL roller bottle,
combine these pure essential oils:

10 drops myrrh
5 drops frankincense
5 drops lemon
5 drops lavender
3 drops vetiver

top with these nutritious carrier oils:
apricot kernel

pop the roller top in the bottle 
& shake to combine.

use a buffing block
to gently smooth out the surface,
then apply the oil 
and massage into nails & cuticles
throughout the day & at bedtime.

after a few weeks,
my nails are growing without breaking,
and the peeling is non-existent.

i'm ditching polish & not looking back.

p.s. the essential oils i use can be found here.
bulk carrier oils can be found at the boise co-op.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

homemade beard oil

last month,
when my bearded brother jon was here,
we made beard oil.
what's that, you say?
what the heck is beard oil, and how does it work?
well...  here's a little huffpost article titled
that might help.

here are the two recipes we created
for their aroma & therapeutic properties:

we used these labels.
'that smells nice' & 'that smells better'
on one side of each bottle {since we made two},
and 'beard oil' on the other.

here's a little how-to video
keep those beards {and the skin beneath them} conditioned & smelling nice.

check out the oils i use here.

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