Monday, August 1, 2011

earthly delights :: csa bounty :: week 10

our share this week
 big green cabbage
pontiac red potatoes
yellow crookneck squash
☼magic garlic☼
rainbow chard

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
and tonight we finally tried
earthly delights farm's famous
~green bean tacos~
they are indescribably delicious
really, truly...
one of the yummiest things i have ever eaten.
you must try these.
green beans {purple, yellow, whatever color}
onion & garlic
oil {i used butter + olive oil}
salt & pepper
spicy stuff {hot peppers, cayenne, optional}
small corn tortillas
cheese, salsa, sour cream

1. steam green beans until tender {10 minutes}
2. saute onion & garlic {and hot pepper, if you choose}
3. add cumin, salt, pepper {and cayenne, if you choose}
4. add steamed green beans
5. add more salt or seasoning & allow to simmer
6. warm your tortillas 
7. fill tortillas with green bean/cumin mixture
8. top with cheese, salsa, sour cream

we've seen this recipe in our csa newsletter for years.
why did we wait this long to try these?!?!
they are our new favorite.
thank you, casey & lori, for such amazing food.


Pam said...

I'm copying this recipe catie!! your share this week looks so yummy...oh how I love beets! :) I love your earthly delights posts!

martha said...

i want to do this too, if i can ever get holly over for dinner....yum....
thanks for more inspiration Catie!

Emily said...

Never seen anything like this! Sounds great!

Dianne said...

Come and cook for me! You should have been a chef.
How are all the ducks?

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