Monday, December 3, 2012

:: pie ::

at thanksgiving,
we were inspired by this cookbook
{the cover photo especially}
to give homemade toaster pastries
{pop tarts}
a try.

i cook.
i bake.
pie crust intimidates me.

easy as pie?
i'm not so sure.

since homemade toaster pastries
are really just tiny pies,
we had to make pie crust.
and guess what?  it was easy.

we even tweaked it a bit
by adding some whole wheat pastry flour
and ground pecans {yum!}
and it turned out perfectly.

the recipe made 2 discs of dough.
we used the first disc later that night
{it was thanksgiving, after all}
with a pumpkin pecan filling,
and powdered sugar
and fresh whipped cream.
this was our pumpkin pie.

we used the second disc a week later
with nutella filling
and fresh whipped cream.
both times,
the crust was flaky and amazing.
this basic recipe
has demystified pie crust for me.

homemade pantry is a book about
making food, instead of buying food.
even things like pop tarts.
and ketchup.
every recipe has a story
{toaster pastries -or- the taste of apology}
{ketchup -or- love}.
it is a book i keep borrowing from my library.
it is a book i want
permanently on my kitchen counter.

alana chernila, the cookbook author,
has a snappy food blog:


Pam said...

these look delish! i've been making my own pie crust for years and there is nothing like it. it may not be as pretty as the store bought but i'm fine with that! i like her blog! xo

Emily said...

Pie crust is intimidating!
Glad you concurred it, because these look amazing.

Dawn said...

pie crust is very itimidating for me too! I just requested this book from my library!

Michele Pacey said...

your pop tarts look amazing! yumm-EEEEE!

i gotta borrow that cookbook from my library... thanks for the little review Catie!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Catie! Those look amazing!! Wish I could come to Idaho with Em :( missing you both so much. Love you lots and lots <3

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