Friday, December 7, 2012

ned's party favors {and invitations}

ned's birthday party was two weeks ago.
and i have been meaning to show you
his unbearably adorable party favors
and his homemade invitations.

can you stand the cuteness
of these tiny crocheted chameleons?
they are from etsy seller happy squid muffin.
they are made here in idaho.
{i'm pro-handmade, and i vote}
his little thank you's were attached to paint chips
{attached to chameleons}.

his invitations were also on paint chips.

for this side,
he wrote come to my party
on a regular sized piece of paper.
then, i scanned it and reduced it
and used washi tape to attach the copies
to larger paint chips.
easy, homemade, & practically free.

i have read some internet scuttlebutt about using paint chips
for craft projects.
these paint chips were left over from a previous project.
and, yes, i did ask permission before taking them.
the home depot in eagle told me to take as many as i wanted.
thanks, home depot.

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