Wednesday, May 14, 2014

feeling it

waldorfish, that is.
{we bought the full lesson here}

i'm spending lots of mental energy
on how best to school ned.
we have homeschooled this year
using a wide variety of resources,
including curriculum from oak meadow.

waldorf education has always appealed to me.
i visited a waldorf school when i was 18
and thought i might like to
be a waldorf teacher someday.
maybe that day is now,
even if my class size is just 1.

i am loving waldorfish.
especially this and this.


Emily said...

Strange timing as I recently research Waldorf for my Aaron.

Dawn said...

i am digging the living home! have you downloaded the planner yet? thanks for sharing this Catie xo

catie said...

em ~ strange indeed... although we are often on the same page.

dawn ~ yes, downloaded & digging : ) i've had my eye on maya for quite some time. her blog urban organica is on my blogroll.

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