Thursday, September 18, 2014

watch this

you'll be glad you did
click here to watch on youtube


Pam said...

i watched.
and so glad i did.
catie..she reminds me of you. :)

catie said...

oh, pam! bonnie kate is WAY sweeter & nicer than me. she's pretty much an angel ; )

Pam said...

i'm not so're pretty much an angel in my eyes catie grace xo

Emily said...

So I had to sit and watch this in parts, but it was adorable. What a sweet love story!

Kelly at Chatelaine said...

I'm a sobbing mess....what a treat to see, especially since it was so close to home...that something so beautiful could come from the horrific shooting. God IS GOOD!!! xoxoxo Thank you for sharing! I am passing this one on to all my Colorado friends, and more. xoxoxox

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