Saturday, December 12, 2015

green smoothie

i am not a fan of new year's resolutions.
however, they'll be here in three short weeks.
dodge a few by starting some good habits today.

green smoothies are a great first step.

a green smoothie is not only good for you,
it actually crowds out things
that are not so good for you.
give that some thought...

my formula follows this one,
but i've simplified the whole thing
to look like this:

below are the details...

step one:
coconut water - 12 oz
greens - loosely fill the blender

step two:
celery - 2 stalks
cucumber - 1 whole, peeled
pear - 1 whole, cored

step three:
lemon juice - of 1 lemon
banana - 1 very ripe, peeled
avocado - 1 peeled, seeded

{love you, shawn}

add the ingredients for each step,
then blend.
add the ingredients for the next step,
then blend.

when i pour mine into a glass,
i add a couple drops of lemon essential oil

if you've never tried a green smoothie,
now is your chance.
the taste will surprise you ~ it's sweet & mild.
and if you already love green smoothies,
let this be a reminder to break out your blender.

drink, be well, & be merry.


Anastasia Egorova said...

This sounds and looks delish, Catie!

Colleen Bruns said...


Colleen Bruns said...


Emily said...

I make one almost every morning. Love the idea of lemon oil!

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