Saturday, January 16, 2016

homemade beard oil

last month,
when my bearded brother jon was here,
we made beard oil.
what's that, you say?
what the heck is beard oil, and how does it work?
well...  here's a little huffpost article titled
that might help.

here are the two recipes we created
for their aroma & therapeutic properties:

we used these labels.
'that smells nice' & 'that smells better'
on one side of each bottle {since we made two},
and 'beard oil' on the other.

here's a little how-to video
keep those beards {and the skin beneath them} conditioned & smelling nice.

check out the oils i use here.


Our Life said...

Love it Catie!!!! I'm honored to be mentioned!

MothersMan said...

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