Sunday, March 20, 2016

homemade nail oil

i am ditching nail polish.
i have come up with something better.

my nails have always been weak.
prone to splitting, peeling, and breaking.
a {toxic} strengthening polish
wasn't really making my nails more resilient,
just coating them in a strong layer of synthetics.
i am no longer willing to absorb those toxins
through my nail beds.

after some research & experimenting,
i'm ready to share
my homemade nourishing oil blend
that is actually making my nails stronger.

= nail oil recipe =

in an empty 5mL roller bottle,
combine these pure essential oils:

10 drops myrrh
5 drops frankincense
5 drops lemon
5 drops lavender
3 drops vetiver

top with these nutritious carrier oils:
apricot kernel

pop the roller top in the bottle 
& shake to combine.

use a buffing block
to gently smooth out the surface,
then apply the oil 
and massage into nails & cuticles
throughout the day & at bedtime.

after a few weeks,
my nails are growing without breaking,
and the peeling is non-existent.

i'm ditching polish & not looking back.

p.s. the essential oils i use can be found here.
bulk carrier oils can be found at the boise co-op.


Anonymous said...

I'd gladly buy a bottle of brew!!!! And pay shipping..... Xoxo Franco

catie said...

franco, i will be sending some very soon! ♥

Emily said...

I already have and use all of these oils. So glad to have your recipe!

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