Friday, November 16, 2012

boise's christmas tree {and our amazing timing}

we were downtown this morning,
and had to stop while dozens
of police officers drove by
with their lights flashing.
i've never seen that many cops
in one place. 

was president obama visiting our fair city?
paula broadwell on a book tour??
justin bieber???

then we saw it
the biggest christmas tree ever,
just exiting the freeway,
brushing the undersides of the traffic lights.
we knew it had to be headed
for the capital building.

we were on our way to brunch at goldy's,
exactly the route the tree was taking.
we had a police escort the entire way.

turning the corner from myrtle to capital
then, a straight shot to the capital building
see goldy's below, red bricks on the far right
the egyptian theatre below, left
{it's a wonderful life on the capital street marquee}

after brunch, we drove by to see it going up
it will be lit on november 26th.

this tree was given to the city by a local woman
whose husband planted it almost 50 years ago.
read the story here.
see more photos here.


Emily said...

How cool that you witnessed it being brought into town!

Angie said...

Great pictures! You were at the right place at the right time!

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