Thursday, November 8, 2012

got candy?

it's been one week since halloween.
do you still have pounds of candy?
we do.

here's a trick for your treats...

have your kids sort it into like kinds
for your advent calendar.
i'll add some special things to the mix,
but, with 25 little doors on my advent cottage,
this gets us more than halfway there.

this way, they still get to enjoy it,
just in a deferred way that
helps to diffuse the sugar a bit.
and i think my kids like to "plan ahead"
when it comes to eating candy.

no advent calendar?
have your kids squirrel it away
to decorate their gingerbread house.

one other thing i like to do with the excess,
is pack some up to send to
my favorite college students.
{hi, emmy!}  {hi, annie!}

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are all great ideas!

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