Wednesday, November 28, 2012

◄ ned's super fun birthday party ►

ned's party was small.
just three of his best friends,
ellie, hannah, & ty.
we went to the idaho aquarium.
that's marian with hannah & ellie.

it was our first time seeing the new sea turtle.
an injury left him unable to live in the wild.

after the aquarium, we went to flying pie.
{because we don't live in a hut and neither should our pizza}

my favorite part was when ned gave each of them
a giant hug after opening their presents
we had brownie sundaes with candles
so everyone could make a wish.
happy birthday, ned!


Anastasia Egorova said...

So awesome! Ned and his guests look happy! :)
By the way, I love your yellow pants and your shoes! :)

Dawn said...

Ned's party does look super fun!!! I love your outfit too...are those the Dansko Chukkas??? would you reccomend??

catie said...

thank you, anastasia : )
yes, dawn, they are my new birthday boots - dansko crepe chukkas! i got them the day before the party & this was my first time wearing them.
L O V E them!

catie said...

p.s. anastasia, under my scarf is my ray of light necklace from you!!

Angie said...

I love the pictures Catie! Ty had such a fun time! I think it was kind of like a little double date like Sarah said! ;-)

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