Thursday, January 31, 2013

hot cocoa day {& my favorite teas}

today was hot cocoa day
at ned's school
such a sweet winter tradition.
all proceeds go to the local food bank.

when i'm not drinking hot cocoa,
here's what's in my cup
:: tazo focus ::
note: tazo focus has a new package that looks like this
read about tazo tea's artistic makeover here.

briar is a master at blending flavors and scents.
amble through her beautiful etsy shop here.

:: teavana cococaramel sea salt herbal tea ::
{there's a teavana store at my mall}

i always add lots of this

and sweeten with a tiny bit of this

what's in your cup?


Anastasia Egorova said...

Hot cocoa in a cld winter day is just the right thing!
But, I'm a tea creature too!!! I go to check MarbleandMilkweed shop! :)

Dawn said...

I still love Tazo Focus and Sleepytime Vanilla is one I never run out of...just checked and I do have a Teavana, so I will have to check out that one and the Marble and Milkweed shop...thanks♥

Emily said...

This morning...just good ole Peets coffee made at home.

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