Saturday, February 2, 2013

baked french toast, yesterday's marathon, and hotel transylvania

this morning, i made baked french toast
using all the same ingredients
but i put everything into a casserole dish and
topped it with chopped pecans & melted butter.
it baked at 350° for about 40 minutes.
we loved it.

today's slow pace and relaxed vibe
are brought to you in part by the
marathon i ran from 6am - 7pm yesterday.
{okay, so it wasn't a real marathon}
i helped in ned's class in the morning,
ran a bunch of errands, 
taught an afternoon art lesson for ned's class
{i'll have a post about it soon},
took franklin to the vet,
then picked up movies & pizza.

we watched this
adam sandler as dracula.
it is really good.

1 comment:

Michele Pacey said...

eep, busy day! that was the equivalent of a what I imagine a marathon must be like (I've never actually run one).

your version of French toast... sounds like the perfect start to a day, yummer!

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