Wednesday, February 20, 2013

big trip

marian & i are planning a big trip.
in june, we are going to
london, paris, florence, and rome.
we have never been.

the art teacher from marian's school
is organizing the trip {it's all moms & daughters}
through education first.
you can see more details of our trip here.

we have plans to meet pam in paris.  yay!!!

we are even considering extending our trip
to go to mallorca island to visit anastasia.
can this happen???  i really hope so.

we'd love to hear your list of
things we "must see" on our trip,
and which places are your favorites.
also, which books we should read beforehand.

marian's trip is nearly paid for.
she has paid half of each monthly payment.
babysitting, dog walking,
and saving since last spring.
she's almost there.
if you want to chip in to help her
you can do it here.


Pam said...

i can't believe we're going to meet in paris!!! i cannot wait to see you and marian!! this is going to be an amazing trip for the two of you! and YES...go to mallorca! xo

emily eyer-ryder said...

oh boyyyyyy it's going to be so so fun :)

Emily said...

This is going to be great! Aaron wants to do this with his French class summer of 2014, but we are going as a family instead. Enjoy every minute!

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