Tuesday, February 12, 2013

this kid

has missed more than a week of school
due to a long-lasting bad cold that
turned into a sinus infection.
his temp yesterday at the doctor's office
{our second doctor visit in 5 days}
was a whopping 103.8°
after a few doses of amoxicillin,
he is back to his silly 98.6° self.
better living through science, my friends.
while he was feverish,
his only request was for
barbara's cheese puffs and gatorade.
i told him that there was something
better than gatorade: knudsen recharge.
this stuff got me through all of my
pregnancies, births, and nursing.
i bought it by the case.
way, way better than gatorade.
ned has been converted.
and he's going back to school tomorrow.

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