Monday, January 6, 2014

word. what's yours?

mine is ease.

do you have one?
do you think it's silly?
does it work for you?

even if you don't have a word for 2014,
what word would you pick if you had to?

{baby shirt is here}


Dawn said...

I need a word!! I want a word, I just haven't found one yet :(

Emily said...

I don't have a word, but if I had to choose it is "authentic"
We are hoping to make some big changes this year and I want to stay true to myself!

Pam said...

i don't have a word either but if i had to would be give. i want to give more. more of my time, my love, just give more. :)
i like ease.

gretchen said...

Surrender is my word for 2014!

Janet Brown said...

Imagine is my word for 2014. Last year it was forward, like forward thinking. I love finding my word. Imagine the possibilities!

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