Monday, January 13, 2014

a heaping portion of overwhelm, balanced by a big bowl of minestrone

things around here have gotten, um,

underscoring the chaos today:
we have too many pets.
{yes, you told me so}
our dogs are being treated for giardia.
our snow has turned to mud.

two things making it better tonight:
this soup
{recipe below}

this wine
{this year is my favorite beaujolais nouveau ever}

my minestrone recipe/formula
in butter & olive oil, saute:
with some salt & pepper.
add water or stock,
tomatoes/chick peas/kidney beans.
cook some pasta & add it {we like little shells}.
saute zucchini & green cabbage,
add to soup with a bag of frozen peas.

serve with grated parmesan & good bread.
like this
see?  makes everything better.


Pam said...

soup makes everything better.
doggy day care?

Emily said...

Mmmm. Looks good Catie.
Hope you are smiling today, and get well soon little doggies.

Dawn said...

Uggg sorry!!

Georgia said...

Wonderful soup recipe. So sorry to hear about the dogs....for you AND for them!

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