Monday, January 27, 2014

vegan 'snickers'

over the weekend, i found a recipe for
homemade, vegan 'snickers'
using just four ingredients:
dates, peanut butter, chocolate, & peanuts.

way more wholesome than a real snickers,
much like the date/nut combo in larabars
but with layers of chocolate & peanuts on top.

really, really, really, really good.
yeah... you'll want to try these.

find the full recipe here.
the only change i made was to use salted peanuts,
because that's how it should be.
i know a date-hater who loved these
& couldn't detect any dates.
all we are saying, is give dates a chance.


Amy Crumbs said...

Yum! I will try these.

Anastasia Egorova said...

Catie,that looks fantastic!!!
I should try it!!! Thank you! <3 :) xo

Emily said...!
Richard will love you for this one!

catie said...

yay! i love spreading the word!
amy & emily & anastasia, you 3 will have to let me know how they turned out for you ♥

Dawn said...

Oh yum...I will try for sure...I made chocolate chip vegan cookie dough balls with dates and my family lived them..can't wait to make these!

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