Tuesday, February 11, 2014

homemade applesauce

we had some beautiful, organic apples
that got soft & mushy & unappealing.

today, we turned those mushy apples into
homemade applesauce
no biggie.

ned did all of the peeling 

here are our unappetizing apples

we made our applesauce with just
{peeled & cored & chopped}
& cinnamon
{we also added a little water in the beginning}
simmered on the stove for about an hour
when they were finished cooking,
we let them cool.
then we used a potato masher to,
you know, mash them.

it turned out great.
sweet, tart, cinnamon-y.

our applesauce is ned approved

have a listen to pete seeger
singing about old apples:
click here, then click on old apples.

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