Friday, February 28, 2014

today {with a side of sheng}

this morning, i drove marian downtown to bsu
for day 2 of a student council conference.
it was a good excuse to grab some guru donuts
in trade for my long, early round-trip commute.
later, i drove back to bsu to pick her up.
a good excuse to get some green juice
to balance out my decadent morning.
in less than 2 hours,
she needs to be back there again.
thankfully, she's carpooling tonight.
okay, we had a last-minute family fall-out
where my limits were exceeded.
she did not go back for the dance.
as a result, i feel a mixture of
mostly guilt +
feeling like maybe i made the right call.
she was sound asleep at 8pm.

if you lived here you'd know
that there is some idiotic traffic in this city.
frustratingly outdated infrastructure
that encourages hasty bad decisions.
careless drivers doing some really stupid stuff.
like a too-slow, swooping merge
across several lanes into 50 mph traffic.
right in front of me.

my nerves are shot.

and, what is happening here?

i'm not an expert, but i'm pretty sure
it's supposed to sound a little more like this


Emily said...

I'm so sorry friend. I hate days like this. I'm sorry you feel guilty, but you are the parent and you get to make the decisions. That is your job!

Okay, Graham just showed me that first video 2 Days ago! The Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. one. That instrument is OLD and very magical. I like the second video better too. Glad I got to hear that version.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration. Been there! I was so happy when A got his license. Traffic here too....and yesterday was so foggy, there was a 100 car pile up in Denver. People are driving grey cars without their lights on and going 65 on side dense fog!
Some must have a death wish. Hope your Sunday is much more joyful. Love you. Gorgeous music!! (2nd video)

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