Saturday, April 26, 2014

learning about honeybees

{you can eat the whole thing}

ned's honeycomb-inspired art
{his pearlescent watercolors are like painting with honey}

ted ed video
{full lesson here}

good books about beekeeping
{all borrowed from the library}

the very best information, the very best photos,
and the real reason for my bee infatuation,
are wayward spark's bee posts.
i think this was the post
that caught my attention a few years ago.
camille & henry live off-the-grid
with their two kids in western oregon.
camille is a fantastic {& fearless} photographer
and henry is {among other things}
the local bee expert.


emily eyer-ryder said...

well isn't that just the bees knees!

Pam said...

i have always been intrigued by those that live off the grid...but can i ask a silly question? if they live off the grid doesn't that mean no electricity? how do they blog?
in our last home in duxbury..we had friends that had bees..yummy yummy honey!

Emily said...

how cool!

Anonymous said...

Have dreamed of keeping bees for many, many years. Lovely post :)

catie said...

pam ~ off-the-grid means they aren't connected to the main electrical grid. they generate their own electricity. {of note: camille bakes gorgeous loaves of bread in her barbecue.} when we lived in a yurt on california's northcoast, we were off-the-grid. we had hydroelectric power & wood heat. missy's family is also off-the-grid, also hydro, also wood heat. it's lots of work, but it's lovely ♥

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