Sunday, April 27, 2014

marian's veggie delight

welcome to your new favorite sandwich!

- good bread or bagel, toasted -
- mashed avocado, with salt & pepper -
- grated carrot -
- chopped black olives -
- honey mustard dressing -
- chopped red onion -
this is marian's new creation
from her memory of the veggie delight
at los bagels.

inspired by finding this honey mustard dressing
at our grocery store {for less than three bucks}
which is very much like larrupin sauce.
{oh, how we miss you, larrupin}

marian made these for lunch today.
cheap, healthy,
and most of all, delicious.
go make it!


Pam said...

delish!!! way to go marian!!
i admit i miss store bought salad dressing..especially brianna's. sometimes i get tired of making my own :)

i love anything with an avocado on it!!

Emily said...

Marian the chef!
I already love that dressing, so I will be trying this!

Anonymous said...

I will most certainly be making this! Yummers!

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