Tuesday, August 5, 2014

pretending zucchini is pasta

got a giant zucchini?  try this:

1. slice thin
i used a cheese plane.
note: this zucchini was huge - these slices were 1/3 the width.

2. boil in salted water
until just tender - 4 or 5 min.

3. spread with filling & roll 
homemade pesto - yum!
they were delicious!
we took them to the river & shared with friends.
perfect picnic food - no fork needed.

not all of the slices were roll-able.
for the bits & pieces that fell apart,
i just treated them like noodles
& mixed the pesto right in.
not quite as pretty, but still delicious.

these zucchini noodles - zoodles?
would be so good with chunky tomato sauce.
i want to use them to make lasagna.

such a great alternative
to dense, doughy noodles.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Tried leaving a comment here the other day and could not make it take! Anyway.....Low carb and gluten free too! This sounds amazing and reminds me of a zucchini lasagna I ate at a vegan restaurant in Dallas several years ago called "The V Spot".

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