Sunday, November 14, 2010

circus duck

patito has begun some
new and astonishing duck behavior.
she flies right at me.
at first, i just thought she was
just impatiently trying to get my attention.
but she now actually eats from my hand MID-AIR.
you've got to see it to believe it:


sewmuchwhimsy said...

Whoa! I love this...she's smart! Can I be her agent? We could put her on David Letterman!! xxoxoo Gretchen

moondiva said...

Amazing....then all your children are. Watched this maybe 3 times...drove the kitties WILD!!!

xoxo ;D

Dianne said...

What an amazing mother duck you are!!!! I am not the least bit surprised!!

Sandi said...

oh Catie.. this was SOOOO great! I too, watched it several times. :) I am SOOOO grateful that you choose to share all of this miraculous story with us... as it only serves to open our hearts and minds to even MORE of the sacred (and amazing) connection between all living creatures if we simply keep our heart open to it. Love you.

jill said...

this makes me :)it is such a trust thing - for you and for her...i'm just saying if a duck flew at me like i would *freak* and the feed would be scattered all over the place!! love seeing this - quite the talent to capture it on camera. thanks for sharing, catie! ♥

Dawn said...

I cannot wait to experience this in person!! :)

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