Saturday, July 9, 2011

:: corn fritters ::

using leftover corn-on-the-cob,
i made corn fritters.
i didn't measure...

corn + eggs + half & half + flour + cheddar
{salt & pepper}
mixed into a pancake-like batter,
cooked in butter {just like pancakes},
with sour cream & chives on top.

:: rosa today ::
{cuddling ned}

{getting feathered}

{looking like a puppy}

and, ned.


redflyingv1 said...

Catching up on your blog catie, and, wow, you have been having fun! Corn fritters! uh, YUM! Duckys galore! Sparklers.....!! How on earth did you get those shots? You lovely stuff here.

redflyingv1 said...

oh, the above is from me....using Krisanne's account! xoxo Kim

martha said...

ned's looking better ...
rosa is endearing:)
fritters look tempting

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