Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy birthday, marian!

she is 12 today
she wanted s'mores brownies
{in lieu of cake}
~s'mores brownies~
{we invented them!}
quick & easy recipe:
make your favorite brownies & allow to cool.
top with marshmallows & broil until golden.
add chocolate & graham crackers
to toasty marshmallows just before serving.
serve with vanilla ice cream.

pink sparkly toms

elephant tshirt
~happy girl~

we have a house full of girls tonight.
i'll post our fun craft tomorrow.

happy birthday, marian!
i love you so much.


Pam said...

happy birthday pretty girl! have fun!!

Dawn said...

such a pretty girl...happy birthday marian!
i LOVE your pink glitter have been on my wish list forEVER!

your brownies look sparked me to create my own version from scratch (out of box mix) and they are in the oven now!


Dianne said...

happy birthday sweet Marian. I hope you had a blast last night.

Kylie said...

those s'more treats look to die for - i want to eat it right now. yummy. cute blog!

emily said...

i think i would like one of those tee shirts too! so cute. mimmy looks adorable

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