Sunday, July 24, 2011

:: garlic braiding ::

i spent today with casey from earthly delights
at her garlic braiding workshop.

i learned how to turn these
into these

i helped casey make some garlicky dishes
for lunch {even a citrus-garlic drink}

it was over 100° here today,
so we had spray bottles of lavender water
to mist ourselves & each other
while we enjoyed delicious food
and learned garlic lore & medicinal properties.

we each chose 13 garlic bulbs
and wrapped them in wet towels
to soften the stems

we cleaned & peeled off the outer layers

then, with casey's guidance,
started braiding
 i loved it so much, i made two

casey teaches all sorts of cool workshops.
check them out here.


Dianne said...

Looks like fun. Would they make it until Christmas? They would be great gifts!

catie said...

if the garlic is healthy and dries correctly, it will last until it is all used up. someone at the workshop said she was just now using the very last of the garlic she harvested last year.
so, YES! they would make great christmas gifts ♥

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Catie, these are beautiful!!
oxo Gretchen

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