Monday, October 17, 2011

:: soup love ::

before we headed out to the
rainy fall harvest festival yesterday,
i fired up my crockpot.

i threw in 4 things:
1. mixed beans {i soaked 4 cups the night before}
2. a brick of frozen roasted tomatoes
3. a brick of frozen roasted squash & eggplant
4. some boiling water

we came home to this
i added a little bit of this
and served it with this



gretchenwoosley said...

I love your recipes! I 've been making lots of them!

Dawn said...

I need a new crock pot!! I need all the vegetarian recipes you can share :)...we are having the veggie taco casserole tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I need a crock pot!!!!!!
xoxo Dianne

Emily said...

A great vegan meal! Will try this one!

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