Friday, June 8, 2012

arcata appreciation day

only in arcata, folks...

annie ~ emily ~ marian
{emily took marian to school with her}
when i brought them lunch,
the AHS steel drum band was playing
{a bob marley song, no less}

somewhere between bend, oregon,
and crescent city, california,
i lost a hubcap.
thank goodness that arcata has
hirsch hubcaps
with the extremely helpful
and extremely entertaining
ed hirsch
his hubcap shop is eye-popping
 and he juggles
 who knew hubcaps were this much fun?

ned & i had lunch at renata's creperie
{a crepe restaurant that used to be a crepe truck}
a big bowl of chai
crepe making
 my savory crepe topped with a salad

this is what kids do at arcata high
raya & emily
{these two are headed to the same college}
em & gwyn
me & em

marian & ashlyn
so glad these best friends are back together.
i think ash is coming back to idaho with us.

this picture is from thursday.
they have been best friends
since they were toddlers.
this was the first time they had
seen each other in over four years.

missy has written a book of poetry
and she had a poetry reading at northtown books
{special thanks to rory lesliefor allowing missy
to use her gorgeous image for the cover of the book}
 ned & aliana blowing bubbles outside


Angie said...

Looks like you're having a fun time!!

Anastasia Egórova said...

Tis is not museum - this junk is for sale :D
Loe people with sense of humor :)

Catie! I love seing you've met with Missy! :)

Anonymous said...'re in your element with all your loves and dearests. the joy i "hear" in these posts is a long time coming. GOOD for you, enjoy every.single.moment.
Missy looks happy for her book of poems. Where may we purchase? LOVE YOU xoxo

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