Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY :: cafe yumm at home

last week in bend, oregon,
we ate at cafe yumm.
{read my post here}
we bought a big bottle of their
secret yumm sauce to make our own.
made with a chick pea base and lots of lemon juice,
the sauce is very similar to tofu tahini, but zingier.
i plan on trying to recreate this sauce.

a yumm bowl goes like this:
1-brown rice  2-black beans  3-sauce  4-cheese
5-avocado  6-salsa  7-olives  8-sour cream

serve with chips.

healthy upgrade:
build your yumm bowl on top of a salad base.

i could eat this every single day.

today, i'm sending my prayers & positive thoughts
to someone in need of extreme healing.
be well.


gretchen said...

I'll be making a yumm bowl this week! Wonder what I can use instead of the yumm sauce? Ideas? xoxo

catie said...

i just emailed you a similar recipe, gretchen : )

Dawn said...

this looks so simialar to Chipotle, My fave "fast food"...I love their salads...I made lime/cilantro brown rice, black beans, corn, tomatoes, guac, salsa and my family adds shredded chicken...sooo yummy!!

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