Sunday, June 3, 2012

concerned eagle residents install signs for safety

ada county highway district (achd)
is in the process of installing signs
alerting drivers to wildlife crossing
on floating feather road.

the area of greatest concern
is a section where large ponds
within the subdivisions of both
lexington hills and eagle pointe
sit directly on either side of the busy road.

because of the location of the ponds,
with the road running right between them,
ducks and geese attempt to cross the road,
from one pond to the other,
at all times of day and night.

they are hit and killed disturbingly often.

achd has recognized the problem
and is working to implement signage.

in the interim, concerned residents 
have taken matters into their own hands
by making and installing temporary signs.
{pretty snazzy temporary signs, at that}

and not a moment too soon
do you see who is trying to cross?

go concerned residents!
you deserve this
{extraordinary mallard medal}

if you drive on floating feather
keep it safe for ducks and geese
and people, too.


Dianne said...

Love everything about this Catie!

Angie said...

Good job Catie!!!

Pam said...

way to go catie!!! have you ever read the book..make way for ducklings? :)

Anastasia Egórova said...

oh, this is so touching!:O

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