Monday, October 8, 2012

~ aloha ~

i could get used to this

have a look at my special souvenir 
i get to bring home some vana
{hawaiian sea urchin} whose spines
should dissolve in about 2 weeks.
in the meantime,
i'm telling myself that it is delivering 
magical nutrients and minerals.


Pam said...

oh catie...ouch. but seriously..this looks amazing! wow! i've never been to hawaii. hope you and rich are enjoying this time together... xoxo

Dawn said...

I ♥ Hawaii!! I bet that little urchin hurt! What type of fruit are you drinking??..YUM!!!

Anastasia Egórova said...

Awwww! I wanna be at Hawaii right now!
Have fun, Catie! :)

catie said...

dawn, it's a green coconut - drink the water, then scoop out the jelly. my favorite thing ever : )

Anonymous said...

Living vicariously through you. Have fun. I'll check in daily for my dose of sun shine!

Dawn said...

i wondered if it was a coconut..yum...i have never had the jelly inside! are you going to paddle board?? that is something i really want to know all the athleta models do it?? haha

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous and relaxed! So happy you're having a good time. What's next on the agenda? Keep us posted. Is your foot sore? :(
Enjoy! xoxo

Angie said...

You're soo lucky to be enjoying Hawaii!! Hope you guys have an amazing time!!!!

Michele Pacey said...

Two weeks of sea-urchin-foot? That sounds a titch painful...

But otherwise I expect you're enjoying yourself in Hawaii?... Lucky thing, you!

Emily said...

Blue Hawaii Baby!
I just know you are having a blast, minus the sea urchin attack.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. . .I'm so sorry about your foot. Hope it heals fast.
Hawaii looks magical!

Linda from The Colorful Bee said...

Hi - so sorry about your foot! Ouch that must have hurt. But what a tropical paradise! I've visited Hawaii a few years ago for two glorious weeks (I was in heaven!).

Being in paradise has its risks - there's more stuff to bite you, being in all that gorgeous nature. But Hawaii is less risky than Australia (I went there about 15 years ago). And on the beaches, you really have to watch your step - they have some poisonous jelly fish!

Glad to find your blog. Hopefully you will visit my color and design blog as well!!


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