Friday, October 26, 2012

~hawaiian essentials~

still dreaming...
hoping you'll let me dream a bit longer.

i compiled a list of my hawaiian must-haves.
just for you.
because i love you.

the bare essentials:

top and bottom
this had been on my wish list for a long time,
and it was everything i hoped it would be:
flattering, sporty, fun, and
the most comfortable suit i have EVER worn.
custom made by jen.
{thank you, jen!}

i bought this on the island,
on my honeymoon, 14 years ago.
it's long & thin, so it's easy to wrap & tie.
just a big strip of pretty fabric.
i cruised around kailua-kona with this
wrapped around my waist
over my bikini & fit in just fine.
i'm betting you already have a sarong.
if not, find yours here or here or here or here.
i even carried around a second sarong.
see it in the top photo, folded under my book?
it was used as a beach blanket/towel.
the more the merrier when it comes to sarongs.

i bought this trusty hat for around five bucks
over 2 years ago {and i'll prove it to you here}.
when i figure the cost-per-wear of this hat,
it's paying me.

they are prescription.
i had them made by my optometrist this spring.
it is no exaggeration to say
that they changed my life.
find them here {mine are light tortoise}.

and i walked MILES every day
so they were very important.
chacos are the most supportive sandals ever.
see evidence in this video
i wear the zong x eco tread.
love, love, love them.
in fact, my old pink beater chacos
are my house slippers.
that is just how comfortable they are.
wish i had been wearing these that first day
when i stepped on a sea urchin.
live. learn.

my mom,
who by the way is marian the librarian,
{not even kidding}
recommended this book.
the first chapter,
from the boundless deep,
which is a romanticized natural history
of the islands' formation
millions and millions of years ago,
was PERFECT to read while flying out over
the vast pacific ocean.
it gave me such a sense of place as i arrived.
read an excerpt here.
and as an added bonus,
carrying this beast of a book around
{it weighs nearly 3 lbs}
helped to tone my arms.
thanks, mom : )

i've mentioned this brand before {here}.
it's the best for being in & out of the water.
smells nice, feels nice, and it does the job.
even when wet.

the soft jersey bag in the photo at the top
is from tracy porter.

other important things:
{although i found mine at rei}

{which i mentioned alongside the sunscreen here}

which i really love.
seen here

to wrap up this long & linky post,
i will share a little something from today...

someone sweet from hawaii sent this to me

it's going on my car.

just as soon as i scrape off all the ice.

and i'm keeping my essentials in a travel drawer,
ready for the next hawaiian opportunity.
wanna go?


1 comment:

Anastasia Egorova said...

If I wanna go? If I wanna GO?
Oh how I'd love to go! :)
I love your essentials so much! Especially the bikini and your dresses...:)

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