Saturday, October 20, 2012

where i've been

although i've been home for several days,
my mind has been
the scent of plumeria is unlike anything else.
it just about knocks me flat.
if i was running from a burning hawaiian building,
i would take the time to stop and collect
these freshly fallen fragrant flowers.
i am powerless in their presence.
open air lobby in our hotel {royal kona resort}

{mary ann ~ i took this picture of the teeny tiny catholic church for you}

little gecko breakfasting on guava jelly

again with the flowers
these are tuberose ~ mmmmmmmmmmm...

can you smell the fruit?  guava is the prevailing scent here.

after you drink the coconut water, you chop it in half,
then a cut little slice of husk for a spoon
to scoop up the coconut jelly.

we ate fresh papaya every day.

i snapped this just before diving in to swim with them.
after swimming with dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles,
and amazing tropical fish,
i'm vowing to bring an underwater camera next time.

piña colada 

kahlua colada

mai tai
there were others not pictured, like a lychee cocktail and liquid aloha.
never let it be said that i was remiss in my support of the tropical drink.

this was a spectacular hawaiian culture performance
as part of the ironman welcome banquet

{the real reason for the trip}

blurry shot of the nightly luau at our hotel,
with waves crashing in the background.
i really miss that sound at night.

coconut lilikoi {passionfruit} almond scone.
must. recreate. this.

race day - local drummers on the cycling route.
what a beautiful sound.

yes, i like piña coladas

this spot lodged itself in my heart 14 years ago.

back home in idaho, it's chilly october.
i'm struggling with island love.
it's actually seriously getting in my way.
i am usually head over heels for fall and winter,
but i need more aloha.

this trip would not have been possible without my mom.
she came & stayed with marian & ned
and took care of everything.
thanks, mom {and dad for sharing her}.
i love you so much.


Anonymous said...

I love you too. The children were very good, very helpful and I played more games than I knew existed. I'd do it again in a minute. Love, Mom

Anastasia Egorova said...

This is a paradise, Catie!!!!
Aloha! :)

Dianne said...

Oh Catie these pictures are wonderful! You and Rich look great. I am thrilled the trip was such fun. When you recreate the scones I want the recipe. :)
Thanks to your mom for taking over so you could go. Nothing like a grandma to babysit. No one does it better!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos! They put us right there with you...and all the tropical beauty. I know how you're feeling...It was hard for me to leave too. I was ready to move there! Ah well, in another lifetime. Thanks for sharing all the fun! xo

CC said...

Oh, Catie! These pictures are breathtaking! What beauty!!!! So happy that y'all had such a wonderful trip. I loved this post....I could almost smell all of the flowers and fruit that you so brilliantly described. Ahhhh....

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

THRILLED for you both! Y'all are a gorgeous couple! And, girl...your photography did bring us right along with you. Happy-happy-happy!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

Hawaii never leaves your heart and soul.......So glad you were able to be there for so many days. Yes, thanks Mom!

Denise said...

It's been way too long since I've been to Hawaii, but I swear I can now smell the flowers through your pictures. Thank you for sharing them.... I'm SO happy for you that you were able to make the trip and all those beautiful memories!

Sandi said...

oh Catie... your gorgeous photos here (and your words) have allowed me to feel as if I was there with you at times. You and Rich look so happy here and that makes my heart smile! :) love San

martha said...

i've been once and cried for an hour on the plane a we flew away....
craving pineapple and good coffee now!

gretchen said...

So very happy for you and Rich! xoxo

Anonymous said...

/have you recreated the scone yet? If so, I'd like that recipe.

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