Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a really, really hot day at roaring springs water park {plus, 2 things you'll want to bring with you}

yesterday, i took
ned, marian, & ashlyn to
we had so much fun 
and rode almost every single slide.
we rented a cabana
{unnecessary, but nice}
at about 4 pm, 
the sun gave way to a nasty thunderstorm
and they had to close the entire park.
the girls rushed to get dippin' dots before we left.
do you see the girls behind ned?
teeny tiny reese's in their dippin' dots

since they had to close the park,
we were issued free return tickets.
which is both a blessing and a curse,
because now i have to go back.

i'll be honest, if it weren't for my kids,
i'd steer clear of the waterpark.
it is everything i try to avoid:
crowds, heat, blazing sun, expensive {gross} food 
and, last but not least, public bathing.
note about food:  i did pack a cooler full of amazing sandwiches.
they don't let you bring food or drinks into the park 
{water in clear bottles is the only exception}
but you can go to your car, crank the a/c,
have a picnic, then come back in.
this worked perfectly for us.

and now,
two things 
that made my day substantially better:

1. this "swimsuit" from athleta
i bought this last year for the specific purpose
of wearing to the waterpark.
the reason for this is all of the walking through crowds,
climbing stairs, and waiting in lines to get on the slides.
i've worn this dress/swimsuit several times now,
and while i wouldn't want to swim a race in this dress,
it is PERFECT for the waterpark.
it gets soaked, still looks great, and keeps me from feeling so... 
it is made just like a swimsuit:
100% swimsuit fabric with a supportive swimsuit bra built in.
{and plenty of coverage, if you know what i mean.}
it is a dress that you could absolutely wear to the grocery store.
i was able to stop at our favorite thai restaurant 
to pick up noodles on our way home & not need a cover-up.

and it happens to look great with these two cardigans:
jcrew                                target

although it was well over 100º with searing sun,
not one of us got sunburned wearing this sunscreen.
it works even when applied to wet skin,
making it very easy to reapply.
i liked everything about it.
and, it worked. 


Emily said...

Ahhh, the dreaded water parks!!!! But dipping dots make it all better!
Guess what?
They are opening an Athleta store in my area and I am going to a grand opening party tonight with my friend Stephanie. I got a special invite. Ahem... I spend too much money there so I guess they want to include me, ha! Anyway, I am excited to see their stuff in person.

Anonymous said...

Awww Ashy :)


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