Tuesday, June 11, 2013

why be normal?

this purple bumper sticker used to be on the back
of every vehicle missy drove.
upside down.
recently, she had switched it to
normal is relative, also upside down.

i'm so glad missy wasn't normal.
she was weird.
i'm weird.
i think you might be weird, too.
even if you are normal,
would it hurt to question your state of being?
i don't think so.

missy's mom, bonnie, will have some of these stickers at
missy's celebration of life on sunday, june 23.
just tell her "i'm not normal"
{and give her a nice, big hug}
and she'll give you one of your very own.
i will sadly miss missy's party.
i'll be in rome on that day : )
so these bumper stickers are one way i can be there.

please remember:
put it on your car,
upside down.

and honk when you see one on someone's car.

these bumper stickers are also available online
at the peace project:
{let them know you are buying one in honor of missy!}

for those of you who are also unable to be there,
let's all vow to do something amazing
on sunday, june 23, okay?
spread some love and kindness.
plant some flowers.
dance in public.
wear a purple wig.
get your nose pierced.
get a tattoo.
that sort of thing.

today's song for missy is NOT normal.
i used to sing it to her like this:
oh, missy, you're so fine
you're so fine you blow my mind
hey, missy!
hey, missy!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Abnormal is the new Normal!
I love how you sang that song to Missy.

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