Thursday, June 13, 2013

missy's poetry

many of you know that missy was a prolific poet.
twice a month, she met with the amazon writers,
hosted by the
humboldt community breast health project.
her book, the cyclic nature of promises,
is available for purchase
through the breast health project.
do you remember her poetry reading last year?
it is at the bottom of this long post.

another book of her poems is in the works,
and i will post details here &
on missy's caringbridge site when it is available.
{thank you, stephanie, for keeping me posted}

i did find this link on the HCBHP website.
with a recent poem:
be sure to click the link & read the poem.
it is untitled, but could maybe be called
if i could be a flower.
i think she was a flower.

the breast health project is an amazing resource,
and gave missy so much support.
they actually help actual women
{friends of yours & maybe even you}
every. single. day.
if you are inspired to make a legacy gift
to the HCBHP in missy's honor, here is a link:

i'm re-posting this little clip of
stevie nicks singing wild heart.
i just love it so much.
singing with her is her sister-in-law, lori nicks.
their harmonies are amazing.
it was right when she wrote the song,
but before it was recorded,
and this version is just so raw and beautiful.
better than the studio version.
missy had a wild heart, too.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I've enjoyed getting to know Missy's life a little better through your posts. This one was beautiful!

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