Sunday, June 30, 2013

something amazing

i am home now.
doing my best to unpack & acclimate.
what a wonderful trip we had.

our trip was full of
"too good to be true" moments.
seeing with our own eyes so many
wonders of the world.
these things, i'll share here in time.

today, though, i want to share with you
the singular most amazing thing that happened.
the thing that brought me to my knees.

on sunday, june 23, the day of missy's celebration,
i knew i wanted to do something special.
i had plans to sit in a cafe and drink a toast
to my very favorite friend.
i waited to see how the day unfolded.
the post i had scheduled for the day
was not yet live, as i was 8 hours ahead.
it was full of the most special songs for her.

we were given a bit of free time in the morning,
with instructions to meet back at 11:55.
i headed out with marian & ally,
where we found handmade jewelry,
tiny stovetop italian espresso makers,
and the kindest roman people.

we were a few minutes late,
rushing back to our meeting place right at 12,
when i was stopped in my tracks
by yet another song.
all through europe, we were hearing the songs that i had
posted for missy here on my blog - coincidence?  no.
straining to listen though the noonday bells,
it hit me that this song was one
i had slated to play on this very day.
it was all i could do to stay on my feet
and to hold my camera still.
i stood there crying and videotaping,
feeling wave upon wave of raw emotion.
the boisterous church bells gonging at full-tilt,
missy wanted to make sure i didn't miss this.
she was there.
she was flooding me with her presence.
she is happy.
she sends her boundless love.
and i believe she knew
i would capture it to share with you.

when the song was over,
on shaky legs, i stepped closer
to drop some euros
into the musician's guitar case.
he could see i was crying,
and asked if his song had touched me.
i said, "you have no idea."
i told him why it meant so much.
he hugged me & gave me one of his cd's.
such a sweet man.
his name is vincent.
if you feel inspired to send him a note,
you can email him at

here's the song i had posted for that day

afterward, we headed to a cafe,
a stone's throw from the pantheon,
where i drank a toast to her,
including all of you, dear friends,
who were sitting there,
with me & marian, with missy, with all of us,
in an outdoor cafe
on this most special day in rome.
salute, missy!
i love you!


Dawn said...

Yes an amazing day!! I have tears hearing your emotion in this video along with this beautiful song. I went to Italy a few months after my brother passed away...a place he always wanted to go....and it was evident to me that he was everywhere I went, the cathedrals, the streets, the overwhelming amazing feeling...xoxo

Emily said...

This is so overwhelming! I can hear your crying and it made me cry too.
Just a great reminder that Missy will always be with you.
All ways.

Anastasia Egorova said...

Incredible, sorrow and beautiful, Catie! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that...Missy's smile is marked in my brain, she was the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catie! Mitzi here.
Thanks so much for your posts and for that amazing story! I also had some experiences with Missy showing up right during the time she left this planet. She came in the form of a beautiful butterfly, and it was so definitely her! Then she showed up as a song bird. Then she spread her angel wings accross the sky at sunset. She's having fun with this, I think. Her presence is our present! I wrote a song for her. I don't know how to post it. Otherwise I would. Glad you had a great trip!

catie said...

i love what you wrote!
yes, she is having fun with this.
it is almost comical. i'm loving every bit. send me your song & i'll post it for you.
what a treat to see you here!

Sandi Pike Foundas / LoveFromCapeCod said...

Precious Catie...

I am just reading this now and it has touched me profoundly... Especially now, with the path I am walking...

I love you tenderly.

With joyful tears in my eyes,


lynnsimms said...

Thank you Catie!
Thank you Missy!

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