Thursday, September 1, 2011

:: found ::

:: FOUND ::
a black pug
he is a sweet old man
with good manners and no fleas.
{also no tags, no collar, and no microchip}

we are calling our guest mr. puggles.
he gets to spend the night.

friday update:
before i went to bed last night,
i posted a FOUND ad on craigslist.
{a method recommended by the humane society}
mr. puggles, aka bruno

was reunited with his sweet family this morning.
his owner was so thankful.
she could tell that he loved us
and that we loved him.
what a sweet soul he is.


Emily said...

He is adorable!!!
Hope you find his owner, somehow?
If not, what will you do?

Sandi said...

oh...catie... Mr Puggles is as cute as cute can be!!! Oh... and of COURSE.. he found his way into YOUR lives. :( precious, precious, precious. That is all that I can say... (and I DO hope that if Mr Puggles 'human parents' are loving, kindly people who love him with all their hearts, that they find their way to connect with their sweet furry baby. God bless~

cortezsc said...

Hello Catie,

We were so happy to see your post on craigslist; our precious little Bruno was lost but now is found...we never lost hope because we all prayed that God would return our bruno back to us. We knew that he was loved while he was away from us because we've always shown him what love really is. He's been part of our family since birth (10/08) and we've loved him since. We lost his friend (rocky), our other dog last year and he's been our pride and joy ever since. Our children are older now, and he sometimes wonders off but aways comes back. He wondered off a little to much this time and couldn't find his way back home but God takes care of even the animals which are lost for a while, he never leaves them and for that we are so grateful that these fine people had the love to care for our baby.
Thank you and may god bless you for caring for a big part of our family.
Love Sandra

jennifer said...

such a happy ending!

Dawn said...

oh what a happy ending...Bruna aka Mr Puggles was lucky to be found by your family for sure!

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