Sunday, September 25, 2011

someone's knockin' at the door...

my saturday morning began like this...
our sweet ducka seems to want to have her
freedom and her cozy home, too.
she has flown away several times,
once a couple weeks ago for almost 3 days,
but she keeps coming back.
the funny thing is that she
:: knocks ::
on the front door when she comes home.
we open the door, and in she waddles.
it's her house, after all.

we do love you, rosa,
and we're glad have you back.


Emily said...

Oh Rosa,
Would love to see you knock in person!

Dianne said...

Rosa knows a good thing when she sees it!!! I would never leave you either Catie. All that home healthy cooking and those sweet kids to pay with. Rosa is very smart! These pictures are hilarious.

Dawn said...

bahaha...Rosa is one smart ducky!! LOVE this!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

This is the most amazing thing!!! She is one smart duck!! xoxo Gretchen

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