Wednesday, May 22, 2013

block printing

this year, in ned's class,
i have shared the job of art mom
with janelle, another art mom.
it really has been so much better with two,
especially since his class size is close to 30.

this block printing project was janelle's idea,
and i loved it so much that i brought home
the materials to make a few myself.
the materials:
a wooden block 
{about 2½" square},
wool yarn 
{enough to wrap several times},
acrylic craft paint,
& paper
{cut to 10" x 7½"}.
also helpful:
a paper plate for a palette,
cardboard for a mat.
when printing,
start in the top left corner
and rotate ¼ turn each time you print.
this creates a more random pattern.
make 4 rows across, and three rows down.

rustic, but orderly.


Dawn said...

this is cool..are you going to frame them?? oh and i am FINALLY getting my first bountiful basket this saturday!!! I kept missing forgetting and missing the order deadline :)

Anastasia Egorova said...


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