Wednesday, May 8, 2013

flowers for the teacher

at ned's school,
they don't just celebrate
teacher appreciation day,
they celebrate each day of
teacher appreciation week.

bring your teacher their favorite candy.

write your teacher a thank you note.
{tuesday was also a special teacher breakfast}

wednesday {today}:
bring your teacher a flower.

bring your teacher a healthy snack.
{thursday is also a special teacher lunch}
{thursday is ALSO ned's teacher's birthday}

bring your teacher their favorite drink.

because an entire week
of much-deserved appreciation
is better than just one day.


Emily said...

We do that too, and I could not agree more! Spread out the love for our wonderful, much deserving teachers! At the high school, we donate money, and the teachers are served a nice lunch several days during teacher week. Parents also donate a variety of $5 and $10 gift cards, and they play trivia games during lunch to win the cards. They are so grateful and love it!

Emily said...

Also, Ned has really changed this year. Look at his little sweet face, he is just adorable!

Dawn said...

I love odd..our school is celebrating Teacher Appreciation next week...I am decorating the teacher lounge :)

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