Saturday, May 18, 2013

tree city juice and smoothie cafe

okay, treasure valley neighbors,
i need to tell you about a really rad,
bona fide juice bar in our neck of the woods.
{it's even affordably priced}
juice and smoothie cafe.

there is a location downtown, on capitol,
and this one is in meridian,
at the corner of eagle road & fairview.

they have shelves of fresh wheatgrass.

it's legit.
we've been making it our
saturday after-soccer routine.

if you bring your own cup,
they give you 50¢ off.

i get a 24 oz vitariffic
they each get a 16 oz mango sunrise
{with raspberries}
today, they gave us
don't put junk in your trunk
stickers to stick on our cups.
they even have sandwiches.
see the full menu here.
join their tree-hugger's club
to earn points & to get a free smoothie
on your birthday.


Emily said...

I want this by me!

Dawn said...

you have some of the best places close to you...we have NOTHING like this...:(

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