Monday, May 13, 2013

second grade self-portraits

ned's class did the most amazing
self-portrait project for mother's day.
{click on the image below to get a better view}
his awesome teacher, 
miss michalak {say: mee-HALL-ick},
did this project with the kids.
{she does this every year for mother's day.}

she had the kids start with a mirror,
a 5" x 8" sheet of paper,
and a pencil.

she talked about face shapes,
facial features, and proportions.

using their mirror as a guide,
she had them draw their faces,
roughly the size of their hand,
on the paper with the pencil.

next, she had them lay a piece of
5" x 8" plexiglass on top of their drawing.
using a sharpie, they traced their drawing
onto the plexiglass.

then, they flipped the plexiglass over
and painted the back using acrylic paint.
there was lots of debate
about how to mix the paints to create 
their accurate hair and skin colors.

after the paint dried, there was an opportunity
to fine-tune the sharpie on the front.

the results were so beautiful.
the kids really captured their physical features,
as well as their personalities.



{i love that ned added his beauty mark}
{of course, it is a mirror image}

i am just so impressed with these
aren't they amazing?


Emily said...

This is the best project EVER!!!
I think the whole grouping would look great on a wall.
Psst.....Aaron has a little beauty mark too and has included it when drawing pictures of himself. Isn't it the sweetest thing?

Anastasia Egorova said...

Such a fun project, Catie! And Ned looks so sweet :)
Your posts make me smile :)

emily eyer-ryder said...

These are awesome! Way too cool. Neddie's is AH-dorable

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